2017-18 Registration Information
Thank you for your interest in the Spokane Valley Seventh-day Adventist School. Please contact the school office at 509.926.0955 or send an email requesting an Education Consultation today!  Below is some important registration information:

Dress Code Guidelines
SVAS is implementing School Uniforms for the 2017-18 school year.  Please see the Uniform Regulations section for more information.  In addition we would like to include the following guidelines:

For Girls & Boys:  Hair should be neatly groomed - No extreme styles or color in hair will be allowed.  Jewelry such as bracelets, chains, earrings, necklaces, rings, and other conspicuous ornament should not be worn or brought to school.  "Free" dress days guidelines include no short shorts or skirts; girls - no spaghetti straps, no sleeveless tops/dresses; boys - no tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts; pants should be neat & clean (no holes in the knees).  Please note: NO flip flops allowed. 

For Girls:  Make-up and fingernail polish, if worn, should be natural looking.


According to Washington State Law, if school authorities do not receive immunization information prior to attendance the child must be denied attendance until the information is received. 
            Kindergarten-5th Grade students must have:
                                    Three doses:         (3) Hepatitis B
                                    Five doses:            (5) DTaP/Td/Tdap (within the correct timeframes)
                                    Four doses:           (4) Polio (within the correct timeframes)
                                    Two doses:            (2) MMR (within the correct timeframes)
                                    Two doses:            (2) Varicella (within the correct timeframes) OR (Healthcare provider verifies child had disease)
            Students in 6th-12th Grade must have:
                                    Three doses:         (3) Hepatitis B (within the correct timeframes)
                                    Five doses:            (5) DTaP  AND  One dose Tdap  (all within the correct timeframes)
                                    Four doses:           (4) Polio  (within the correct timeframes)
                                    Two doses:            (2) MMR (within the correct timeframes) 
                                    Two doses:            (2) Varicella (within the correct timeframes) OR (Healthcare provider verifies child had disease) 
 Washington State Law requires that all children have a completed & updated Certificate of Immunization Status form on file at the school, preschool or a child care facility that they attend.  Please check to make sure your child’s immunization record is up to date. 
Please note:  Certificates of Exemption indicating that you have opted out of having your children immunized are available in the school office.  However, you will need the signature of your child's licensed health care provider in order for the form to be complete.

If you have any questions regarding immunization requirements, please contact the school at (509) 926-0955 and we will try to assist you.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Dear Parents,
It would help us if you would take a few moments and answer these questions.  Please return this with your registration packet.

To download the document to fill out, click HERE.